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Letter from the CEO

Prospective Customer:

I established PDC Technology in 2006 to provide: Business Owners, Executives, Office Managers, & I.T. Professionals with the best possible Information Technology support available.

Our philosophy at PDC Technology Inc goes beyond simply repairing computer & network problems.  Our ultimate goal is to help your business grow, learn more about how your business operates, the struggles it faces, and to discover new ways to utilize technology to help your business become more efficient and ultimately...more profitable.  Everyone always seems to know someone who can fix their computer, but finding a company that will truly listen to your needs and how your business operates is the difficult part.  This is where PDC Technology excels beyond other I.T. Solution Providers & Computer Repair Companies.

In today's business world Information Technology is often regarded as "overhead" and not something that directly contributes to profitability.  In fact someone once told me, "The technology is the easy part.  It's justifying the cost and applying the right solution that is the hard part."  It is my personal belief that Information Technology not only contributes to the profitability of business, but that day-to-day business is critically dependent upon it.  Without technology, a company would not be able to compete it today's market place.  Without e-mail, the internet, computers, and technology in general...businesses would not operate as efficiently as they are today.  This is why it is imperative that your I.T. Solution Provider listen to your needs, scale a solution to fit those needs, and deliver a solution that addresses the problem.

In closing this is my PDC Technology Inc pledge to you and your company.  "We will make all of your technology related problems our own.  We will make your journey to achieve success our journey.  We will do everything within our power to support your Information Technology needs so that you can do what you do best...conduct business.  Finally, we will stand beside you and make sure your business never struggles to operate because of technology."

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Peter D. Cole
Chief Executive Officer