Looking for a new server?  Is it time to upgrade your network?  Do you need someone to act as your "in-house" I.T. department?  Look no further because PDC Technology can assist with all of the above.  With over 20 years experience services computer systems we are more than capable of helping your business manage its I.T. challenges.


If your phone system is old and antiquated?  Are considering a replacement on-premise or hosted PBX solutions?  Please give us a call before you decide because we have partner relationships with leading Hosted PBX providers and can often outbid other vendors delivering you a system with the same features and services but at a fraction of the cost.  We also offer internet and telephony cost audit services and can provide you with ROI calculations before making any major changes to your current system.


What is your next big project?  What will it cost you?  Is it the right product to solve your specific I.T. related need?  PDC Technology can help answer these questions.  Having worked in many different vertical markets for our clients has given us the opportunity to manage many projects providing both design & consulting services to business owners and managers to help give them the information to make informed decisions with their projects.